HARLEY SMITHE PVC/VINYL POWDER-FREE EXAMINATION GLOVES is a great cost-effective latex-free option for those who go through frequent glove changes.

Our exam vinyl gloves feature 4mil thickness and help protect the wearer from cross-contamination, reduce the risk of the disease spreading, and protect the hands from germs, bacteria and chemicals. 

This product also provides adequate protection against abrasion and to a certain degree of vibration and shock, can be used for assembly line work and handling small parts.

However, vinyl gloves have a looser fit than latex or nitrile gloves and that is why they are best for short-duration tasks.

Vinyl Exam Gloves pair well with a wide range of PPE (personal protective equipment) products.


These vinyl gloves will protect your hands and prevent spread of diseases, germs and viruses, minimizes the risk of contamination and infection.

It can be widely used in housework, medical procedures, dental office, laboratory, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

Our vinyl gloves conform with CE, FDA Standard.

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